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Message from the President

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  • 1. People bring everything
  • 2. Endeavor brings success
  • 3. Successful career brings profit
  • 4. Achievements for all employees and shareholders
  • 5. Repaying society brings returns on enterprise
  • 6. Realize self-value and enrich life
  • 7. This is our career, our enterprise

Message from the President of Zhongtu Mining Group: Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, we see a new era full of opportunities. We adhere to the market-oriented and talent-based principles, and offer a platform for all employees to display and improve themselves and accomplish their goals. We advocate team work, which best features similar cultures and common objectives. An individual can realize himself and share a team’s success and growth only by joining the team. Through teamwork, both the company’s performance and individuals’ achievements can be enhanced. Therefore, an efficient and cooperative team lays the foundation for the company’s rapid development.

The growth of an enterprise and individuals is depending on the society and the general public, which are also the basis for the development of an enterprise. Our final objective is to serve the society and the general public, and to realize the goal and ambition of the enterprise and individuals while contributing to the society. We deem harmonious development and the sharing of development fruits between employees and the society as our historic mission.Let’s join our hands and work together to create a prosperous future for the company!

  • Endeavor: Endeavor translates dream into reality
  • Achievement: Successful career brings wealth and attains ideals
  • Sharing: Accomplishments for all employees and shareholders
  • Repayment: Repaying society brings returns on enterprise (What’s taken from the society is used for the good of the society)
  • Enjoyment: Realize self-value and enjoy happy life

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