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Overseas operation

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Since 2010, the Group has been engaged in the global optimal allocation of mineral resources, by integrating with the global market the mineral investment, expanding its business to Canada and the US, and keeping active business cooperation with internationally well-established investment banks and mining companies.

Since the establishment of the F.R.M. branch in Canada in 2010, the Group has obtained the prospecting rights in one of the sites of Anyosi mine area in northwest British Columbia and another site of Chabeisi mine area in Québec, both of which have abundant resources of gold, silver, copper and zinc. During the mining investment in Canada, the Group has established sound relationship with governments of Canada, which lays the groundwork for future development in Canada as well as the operation of existing resources.

The Group set up a branch successively in the US in 2011, obtaining the prospecting rights in one of the mine areas and the mining rights in California, and the mining rights in one of the mine areas of Alaska.

The Group has extended its business from home to abroad, and thus is at the early stage of an internationalized mining group. Based on the existing resources and relying on development, the Group adopts the new commercial mode combining internationalized operation and capital utilization, and aims to grow into a competitive large transnational mining group.

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