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Domestic operation

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1、Conducting in-depth surveys in domestic mining areas:

The “detailed survey of gold mine in Gulabutaolegai mine area, middle section of Bayanwula Mountain, Left banner of Alxa” has been launched

The Gulabutaolegai mine area in the middle section of Bayanwula Mountain, with a registered area of 41.72 km2, is located 130km northwest from the site of Left banner of Alxa, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is under the administration of Haosibuerdusumu, Left banner of Alxa. Yinchuan—Left banner of Alxa—Wuliji Highway passes through the north part of the working area, and is 18km from the mine area. The mine area is connected with Jilantai—Xilinwusu—Aolongbuluge Highway, and Jilantai is linked with Baolan Line by rail. The mine area is accessible through automobile and boasts convenient transportation.

In August 2012, Alxa League Yinhai Mine Development Co., Ltd. under Zhongtu Mining Group entrusted Sixth Geology Team of Bureau of Geological Mineral Prospecting and Development to launch the “detailed survey of Gulabutaolegai gold mine area, middle section of Bayanwula Mountain, Left banner of Alxa, Inner Mongolia” for 2012.

2、Establishing Hong Kong Mining Exchange

Hong Kong Mining Exchange was established in 2011. At present, preparations are well underway to build a resource trading market opening to the whole world, which is under standard trading regulations, with resource exchange as the core and unified resource market as the trading platform. This will facilitate integration with the international resource market and the global capital market, broaden investment, and boost the development of China’s resource industry.

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